Concentration Meditation

Just. Enjoy. This.


There I was, sprinting to my Pilates class; having wrung out my to-do list of every task possible before leaving the house (dishes from last night’s dinner party, crumbs off the bench, de-sludging the dishwasher filter.) I love my Pilates class – for my physical and mental wellbeing – but as I neared the studio all I could think about was all the things that would be tugging on my attention when I got home. Kids, washing, phone call to my mother, emails.

Thankfully, I practice this little thing called… mindfulness!

And as I set foot through the studio door, I reminded myself that for the next 45 minutes, I could JUST. ENJOY. THIS.

So, go on – you can too. xx

Sometimes we want to be doing something pleasant, relaxing or fun and our thoughts have other ideas.

We sign up to do something just for ourselves, or even carve out some time to be with a loved one, but when the time actually arrives, we’re a thousand miles away.

Planning tomorrow night’s dinner. Replaying yesterday’s argument. Wishing we could be watching Netflix.

We wish the time away so often. With our monkey-mind in charge – flitting errantly from one scenario to the next – we sabotage the quality of this moment. And what could be a moment full of colour and flavor and joy, is instead so watered down there’s really not much point tasting it.

The next time we find ourselves “doing” but not really “being” we can switch on this mindfulness practice and make the most out of the time we’re here to experience:

Just. Enjoy. This.

This moment you’ve arrived at. This moment that is yours to enjoy. Taking a deep breath and making a mental note.

Just. Enjoy. This.

Recognising the tasks and thoughts that are knocking at the door. But gently reminding yourself, ‘Not now, this is my time,’ and returning with a breath-in and a breath-out.

Just. Enjoy. This.

Becoming aware and focused on all that there is to be aware of in this moment; in this activity or person you’ve committed to. Giving yourself a smile and the permission to release tasks and thoughts and give your whole self to right now.

Just. Enjoy. This.

It could be exercise, a meal, or listening to your child read; what it is doesn’t really matter. But what does, is that this time isn’t going to last forever, so why not stay with it, make it count?

Just. Enjoy. This.

Dropping into your body to help ground you to this moment. Placing awareness on your hands. Your legs. Your face. Feeling the breath fill up your nostrils, throat and lungs and the warm energy flow back out on exhalation.

Just. Enjoy. This.

Just enjoying whatever it is that you are doing right now. Just enjoying whomever you are with right now. Even if that is just you. Just being and enjoying; opening yourself up to receiving this experience just as it is.

Just. Enjoy. This.


For the remainder of this meditation, continue repeating the mantra for as long as it takes to settle into being present.

Repeating the phrase deliberately slowly to slow down your racing mind.

Repeating the phrase whenever you realise a new story has taken over.

A gentle reminder that for the next little while, all you’re going to do is:

Just. Enjoy. This.

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