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The Beautiful Breath

the beautiful breath

I was standing at the basin brushing my teeth, feeling the gut-wrenching anxiety of some internal drama that I’ve long forgotten about, when I had this weird experience of duality. A moment of pure mindfulness knowing what this anxiety felt like in my body (hideous) and at the same time knowing that I also had my breath – and what that breath felt like in my nose, in my throat and in my lungs (beautiful). Not an outer-body experience, but a side-by-side body experience, as my focus ping-ponged between both states. Anxiety-breath. Anxiety-breath.

In that moment I knew everything was going to be OK – that I had this problem (and no idea how I would solve it) but that I also had this breath. I realised just how powerful that knowledge was. And a new meditation was born!

Listen or read, the choice is yours. Enjoy xx.

The breath. It’s not something most of us think too much about. Even as meditators, it might get a look-in once a week…  or once a day if we’re lucky.

But perhaps if we gave it superhero status, instead of taking it for granted, we might be in awe of its power – and realise just how beautiful it can be.

And I’m not just talking about its obvious gift, in that it keeps our bodies alive – although that’s certainly wonderful enough.

But that, if we elevate it from ordinary to extraordinary, it can be our best, most reliable ally. Something that energises. Something that nourishes. Something that calms. Something that heals.

So that when we’re in pain we can sit with it… and know we also have our breath.

When we’re busy and stressed we can acknowledge that… but also know that we have our breath.

If we’re grieving, we can feel the ache… and be comforted by our breath.

When we’re feeling sick and lifeless… we can be nourished by our breath.

When we’re feeling tired and flat… we can find energy in our breath.

And whilst none of those states are ever permanent, our breath always is – a trusty companion to focus on and welcome into our experience whenever we choose. Our very own inner hero.

And in knowing that the breath can always be found – so too can joy. Whether that’s the jumping up and down variety, or the more subtle knowing, that things are going to be okay.


For this meditation, let’s spend some time putting the breath on a pedestal.

With every inhalation, think about what the beautiful breath is doing for you.

This breath nourishes me.

This breath calms me.

This breath focuses me.

This breath comforts me.

This breath energises me.

This breath heals me.

This breath is all I need.

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