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School pick-up. It’s one of life’s activities I’ve chosen to do, I’m grateful I can do. But some days you wouldn’t know it! Coming straight from work, I barely acknowledge the other mums, my mind still at the office, head swimming in tasks, ideas and deadlines. The bells rings and I’m on autopilot, spewing out the standard dialogue. How was school? – Good. Who’d you play with? – Blah. Not really listening, certainly not connecting.

Until recently, standing in the middle of the schoolyard I had the mindful realisation I was stuck in a moment that had long passed and was missing the one that was right in front of me (the one I’d signed up for.)

That’s when I made the switch.

Read or listen – or switch between. xx

Life is full of transitions.

Present becomes past. Future becomes present. Seasons come. Birthdays go.

We transition between tasks – email, dinner, bedtime story.

And we transition between roles.

Parent, spouse, employee, friend. Child, acquaintance, sibling, stranger.

Some roles are big and some roles are small.

Some have a script, and others no dialogue at all.

And whilst every role we play deserves our full attention – an Academy Award-winning performance for the audience or task at hand – sometimes it’s hard to focus when we’re every character in a one-person show.

But if we can remember to be present in as many moments as possible, we’ll switch into the character we’re meant to be playing right now, and we’ll be able to play it well. We’ll remember our lines, we’ll remember our audience.

Even if that audience is a pile of socks waiting to be folded.

Perhaps all we need to navigate our way through the complex playbook of life is to remember one little mantra:


Switching between scenes. Switching between moments. Switching up our energy levels. Switching off distractions.

Leaving work to collect the kids – switch

Waking up to the work week from a relaxing weekend – switch

Walking through the door to your partner after a stressful day – switch

Being greeted by a rowdy family after a day spent alone – switch

Entering a room full of strangers – switch

Wanting to do X, but really should be doing Y – switch


For this meditation let’s explore the idea of switching between moments.

Switching from thoughts and daydreaming into the reality of now.

Switching on our awareness and off from past and future.

Switching on our senses – sounds, sensations and smells.

Switching off internal drama – obsessing, worry and rumination.

Switching on acceptance – of people and circumstances.

And switching off judgement – of self and of other.

Repeating the word “switch” to help keep us focused on the present moment.

The only moment that is real and here right now.

The only moment that matters for ourselves and for our loved ones.




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