Hello! My name’s Rebecca and I took my first mindful breath in 2012. This place is a reflection of my mindfulness journey through modern life – which, let’s face it, is sometimes amazing and sometimes plain scary! Through meditation we can learn to welcome and be present with everything we experience.

Where it began

My journey into meditation started like many people’s – dissatisfaction with life! Whilst going through a minor career crisis, stressed out and unhappy, I spotted on a friend’s kitchen bench the book that would change my life forever: Buddhism for Busy People by David Michie. Its simple tagline spoke straight to me: Finding happiness in an uncertain world. It was a sign!

I devoured the words in no time and quickly moved onto the other two books in the series, Hurry Up and Meditate and Enlightenment to Go. I started meditating immediately. I wanted some of what David had!

Upon his suggestion, I soon found a group that I could meditate with – Ringwood Buddhist Mediation Group. I enrolled into the beginner’s course, completed the follow up unit, then moved into their regular weekly group under the guidance of an experienced meditation teacher. Bingo!

I still get stressed out and busy but I’m much better off with meditation in my life. I’m a better mum, a better wife, a better team member, a better sister and a better daughter because of it.

About the blog

Realising that anything and everything can be an object of meditation or a practice in mindfulness, the meditations I create on this blog are inspired by what happens to me in everyday life. Driving to work. Listening to a podcast. Going for a walk. Just regular stuff that sparks an idea, drawing on my own meditation practice.


Nothing beats having a real-life meditation teacher and group you can sit with regularly. The exchange of experiences afterwards are almost as valuable as the meditations themselves.

Of course, there’s also loads of inspiration in books, blogs and apps, here are a few of my favourites:

I love the Buddhify app and what Rohan Gunatillake and his team have done to modernise Buddhist teachings into relevant, meaningful meditations.

I am ever inspired by Leo Babauta of Zen Habits. Hero!

The free Insight Timer app has a great selection of chimes and gongs to choose from and it’s really cool to see the community of people all around the world who are meditating at the same time as you.

I love Mike Dooley‘s mantra, thoughts become things. His guidance on the choice of our thoughts, words and actions has helped me realise the power of our mind on our reality.

I was mesmerised by Abraham Hicks for a while. It’s a bit out there. But again, so helpful in the power of thoughts to influence our material existence.

I’m grateful for the regular meditation challenges created by Deepak Chopra and Oprah. Deepak seems to know just what I’m thinking or feeling! And Oprah. She just makes me smile.

James Baraz wrote a fantastic book called Awakening Joy. I read it three times.

Dan Harris’ straight-talking and humorous memoir on his journey into mindfulness meditation is called 10% Happier and his podcast is the best!

Also currently loving Rich Roll and his podcast.


As my interest in, and passion for, meditation has grown, so too, has my desire to help others discover its gift.

In 2017 I started leading group meditations with the RBMG, and in 2018 commenced as a student-teacher for the group’s twice-yearly beginner’s classes.

As well as having attended several silent day retreats since 2012; in 2019, I attended my first silent long-weekend residential retreat with Aruna Giri. It was on this retreat that I decided to become a qualified meditation instructor. You can read all about this incredible experience here!

As of 2020, I am now an accredited meditation teacher with Meditation Australia, having completed teacher training with Melbourne Meditation Centre under the guidance of director Matthew Young.

This, in addition to the training and mentorship I have received since 2012 from Dina Dare at Ringwood Buddhist Meditation Group, fills me with confidence, enthusiasm and gratitude at the prospect of sharing with others all that I have been lucky enough to learn along the way.

I am excited for the future.