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2 Minute Meditation


Sometimes I’m desperate to meditate. Usually, when things are not going along so swimmingly. And then, when life’s grand and things are flying, I find myself thinking: I don’t need to meditate. I feel great. What’s the point?

This week’s been one of those weeks. The sun’s shining, life’s floating along and so too are my anxiety levels. I know I should be meditating but in the absence of drama I just can’t find the motivation to sit.

Until I had this experience! And alas, I’m back on track.

Read or listen, whatever you please.

Enjoy xx.

It can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking we only need to meditate when we’re struggling. Stress, anxiety, busyness, problem solving. Reaching for meditation to help soothe the tension, knots and nausea.

On the other hand, when life’s going great, it can be all too tempting to set aside our practice. When we’re not struggling with life, we find ourselves struggling with motivation. The motivation to meditate without something to cure.

But what’s great about meditating from a place of calm (rather than a prerequisite build up of difficult thoughts and emotions), is that it can take us deeper into stillness. It gives us the opportunity to open ourselves up to a different experience of mindfulness. To experience insight beyond just hitting the reset button.

What’s also great about practicing during the good times, is that we keep the momentum going. Like going to the gym, our mental fitness helps us to better deal with life’s future curveballs.

And just like finding motivation for physical exercise, sometimes all you need to do is put your sneakers on.


In this meditation, let’s set the simple intention that we’ll sit for just two minutes.

You don’t need to time yourself. The idea is that rather than letting your mind get too far ahead of itself – have it ruminate on how tedious or unnecessary this meditation is going to be – you set the bar so low your mind couldn’t possibly disagree.

As you sit and get comfortable, gently say to yourself: “Two minutes. All I need to do is sit here for two minutes.”

Focusing on the breath. Watching thoughts come and go.

“Two minutes.”

Paying attention to your body. Experiencing heat, pulsing and twitches.

“Two minutes.”

Feeling the reassurance that you only have to sit here for two minutes. Nothing’s holding you here. This is no chore.

Getting lost in thought and coming back to awareness with the phrase:

“Two minutes.”

Inadvertently getting deeper into the meditation you thought you didn’t need or want to do.

“Two minutes.”

Finding a new place of stillness.

Finding it pleasant to sit here after all.

“Two minutes.”

Getting quieter and more peaceful.

“Two minutes.”

Whether two minutes passes or ten, whether you feel agitated or relaxed, when you’re ready you can wrap up this meditation knowing that every meditation is a worthwhile meditation and that even a two-minute sit is better than having not practiced at all.

Well done.

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